As wonderfully chaotic as The (Virtual) Emmys have been this year, it’s brought us possibly the best mini-reunion that none of us were ready for. But it’s also 2020 and apparently any-fucken-thing can and will happen. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that a little Friends reunion happened on our screens today.

Jennifer Aniston beamed in to catch up with host Jimmy Kimmel, before her two long-standing flatmates decided to jump in on the call. You know, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. They’re housemates. They have been since 1994.

But good lord it made for some very wholesome content.

Look, they might not all be sitting on a couch in wedding dresses drinking beer, but I’ll take it.

The famous housemates (that pretty much everyone wished their sharehouse experience could be like) beamed in from what looks like a very vamped up version of that apartment in Manhattan, immediately setting the internet ablaze with excitement to see the best part of Friends back together again.

And then, out of nowhere, Jason Bateman showed up to give Jimmy Kimmel some lip – after he was mistakenly awarded an Emmy earlier in the night. An entirely unexpected cameo, that.

I mean an Arrested Development and Friends crossover? I can get behind that. Maybe Monica is the nit-picky chef cousin of Michael Bluth and is going to bring back the banana stand in a big way with some new recipes.

Though we didn’t get a look at the apartment across the hall, I can only assume that it looks something a little like this, but with added duck and chicken and Marcel the Monkey.


And a bit of this, because it’s been a long week.


And always a lot of this, because you just know that Joey will go all-in on catering an Emmys viewing party.


Look, it might not be our day, our week, our month, or even our year right now, but at least we have some sort of a Friends reunion after the actual one got put on ice thanks to everything this year. I’m a simple being who gets excited seeing Monica, Rachel and Phoebe together again, and I won’t apologise for that.

Now hurry up and give us another season or something, maybe they’ve all moved to the suburbs and they all live on the same street with their kids, and it all eventually just turns into Everybody Loves Raymond.

Image: Emmys / ABC