FRIDAY FUN: Here’s Jimmy Fallon & Salma Hayek And Whole Mess Of Puppies

Normally we here at PEDESTRIAN.TV pride ourselves on our dry cool wit, our repartee, our ability to squeeze the bloody lols from the stone that is the Australian news cycle.

But we also realise that sometimes – just sometimes – all you ever really want in life is to be suffocated by puppies.
Or, at the very least, live vicariously through vision of that exact thing happening to someone else. Bonus points if that someone else just so happens to be a famous person with a ridiculous and amazing accent.
So without any further editorialising, or delay for that matter, we relay to you the vision of Jimmy Fallon, Salma Hayek, five Golden Retriever puppies, and a little game The Tonight Show likes to call “Pup Quiz.” Enjoy.

It might be a pipe dream at best, but it still bares mentioning: If they ever make a home version, they might as well just transfer our entire bank accounts into their name.