Jimmy Fallon Got Puppies To Predict The Final Four And It’s So Frickin’ Cute

This is it, kids. This is the dead centre of the internet. This is precisely what we’ve been building towards for about a decade and a half now. Everything we’ve ever looked at, everything we’ve ever written, everything we’ve ever searched for. This is the compendium of all our interests in one single, simple little video.

I’d editorialise further, but what’s the point?
It’s Jimmy Fallon. Host of the Tonight Show. Using a bunch of adorable puppies to predict the outcome of the sporting tournament known as the Final Four (College Basketball’s US national championship tournament, for those playing along at home).
All it really needs is a maybe a smidge of autotune and a peppering of DJairhorn.wav throughout and the entire internet would probably cave in on itself.
Don’t even bother trying to pretend like there’s not even the smallest part of you that doesn’t want to watch this.
Just hit play and get rekt with cute.