WATCH: Very Good Pups Predict The Super Bowl Winner On ‘The Tonight Show’

You can’t even slip a bit of paper in between the two Super Bowl LI combatants.
Trying to pick a winner between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots is like trying to pick which of two twins is faster in race, even though one of them is a plucky underdog and the other is a demonstrable shit.
So why bother with the analytics, and the stats, and the expert opinions and such, when there’s a much, much easier way to pick a winner?
Why bother doing any of the work yourself when you can just let puppies do it for you?
That’s the theory Jimmy Fallon and ‘The Tonight Show‘ is working on, and TBH it’s a prediction model we can get behind 110%.

Ignoring the fact that keeping all those wee dogs penned up behind a clear sheet of perspex is a wee bit cruel for a moment, the true Good Boys™ and Good Girls™ clearly have an eye for sports. Unless you’re a Pats fan, there’s not a chance in hell anyone wants Atlanta to lose.

Enjoy the game, folks! It’s the most wonderful day of the year.
Source: Uproxx.