WATCH: Tracy Morgan Goes To Puppy Heaven For ‘Pup Quiz’ On Fallon

For all of Jimmy Fallon‘s general fantasticness, the man can – at times – grate a little on the senses. That overly-forced laugh, for example, is particularly problematic.

‘Course, for all his viral-videoing and lip syncing and The Legendary Roots Crewing and whatnot, every so often he pulls a proverbial dangling set of keys out to gloriously distract us all.
Case in point, the utter freaking majesty that is Pup Quiz, a concept that is but a mere rung or two above simply going “Fuck it, here’s some cute dogs.”
We’ve seen it a couple of times before, but as a quick refresher – the whole thing is based on a risk/reward system. Answer questions, get puppies. Dead simple.
Throw in the thankfully recovered Tracy Morgan who just about *literally* melts under the sheer weight of floof, and you’ve got yourself a damned fine six-and-a-half minutes of television.

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. If they could somehow devise a home version of this game, they would be very, very, very rich people.
Source: The Tonight Show/YouTube.