We Hereby Appoint This Lady, Practising Fractions With Wine, The Queen Of Quarantine

Viral footage of a lady practising fractions with a Kris Jenner-sized glass of wine has sparked joy in our lonely, self-isolated hearts.

The footage was shared by Twitter user @SpainJoanne, alongside the caption, “I don’t know who this woman is but she has won my heart.”

The 60 second-clip, which has amassed over 8 million views, depicts our newfound CEO of Quarantine filling up her glass at quarterly intervals before downing the entire, mammoth glass, one quarter at at a time (in the name of maths and education, of course).


Her voice is so damn soothing, coupled with that ASMR-worthy wine pour. In fact, I would pay hefty amounts of coin to have Fractions Wine Lady™ lullaby me to sleep every evening.

No one seems to know who this woman is, or when this footage was filmed, but I simply do not care. What matters is that this footage exists, and it exists forever. This woman is now the poster child for all of us, turning to the bottle amid this quarantine period. We have no choice but to stan a calming, relatable icon.

Cheers to that.