What is your quarantine mood and why is it this 82-year-old woman with a “Need More Wine” sign? Please bow down to the official queen of quarantine.

Annette Muller, an 82-year-old woman from Ontario, Canada, went viral earlier this week after her daughter snapped a truly iconic picture of her in quarantine.

The mother of six, grandmother of 13 and great-grandmother of four has apparently always been “the life of the party,” but her quarantine efforts have taken it to the next level.

Annette’s daughter Kelly took to Facebook last Saturday to brighten our lives with an incredible shot of her holding a bottle of (presumably empty) wine and a huge sign reading “need more wine.”

“Went to my 82-year-old mothers house today to check on her and to see if she needed anything. She was anxiously waiting for me at the window,” Kelly captioned the photo on Facebook.

Seriously, somebody get this woman a bottle of wine STAT.

In less than a week, the post has already amassed a whopping 40,000 likes and 231,000 shares, making it crystal clear that this is exactly how we’re all feeling as we near the one-month mark of isolation.

The 82-year-old icon lives alone in the family home, which is conveniently less than a mile away from her daughter, who is always on call for a sneaky wine delivery.

“She lives alone still in our family home,” Muller explained to TODAY. “That day, I pulled up and gave a honk to let her know I was there and she was ready for me. She had a sign all ready asking me to get her more wine.”

“I wasn’t shocked to pull up and see her holding up a handmade sign,”

“I asked her what kind, and she said, ‘Red? White? It doesn’t matter to me. They all taste the same!'”

In case you were wondering, yes. Kelly did deliver the goods for her mum after taking the photo. Our quarantine queen is stocked up on wine.

“I’m sure I’ll be doing another run for her soon. Hopefully next time she needs something, she’ll just pick up the phone.”

Image: Facebook / Kelly Muller