Flex Mami On Why People (Mistakenly) Look To Her As A Beacon Of Wokeness

When it comes to stunting on Instagram, no one in Australia does it quite as colourfully as Lillian Ahenkan.

Otherwise known as @flexmami, she’s a Sydney-based DJ, TV presenter and influencer who has huge career aspirations – chiefly, becoming Oprah 2.0.

We spoke to Flex for the 4th instalment of our mental health podcast, No Chill, and she willingly admits she has the charm and magnetism of a 2018 Online Cult Leader… just without the linen robes and leather sandals and instead with tinsel jackets and fly sneakers:

Flex is incredibly online – a description of oneself that would have been weird as shit to hear ten–or even five–years ago.

There was no surefire way to be online on the internet in 2012, and even then it probably would’ve looked like pixelated minion-memes and being roasted by zealous grandparents who have joined Zuckerberg’s barrage of Facebookers.

But it’s true. Flex flexes on being a commodity and milks the world for what it has to offer: good vibes, colourful suits and beauty products. All the while documenting her ~global domination~ on the ‘gram for the rest of us to froth over.

Taking up space as unapologetically at Flex may seem like a kind of super power she was bestowed with—she is a spooky binch, after all—but there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes.

From growing out of her self-described “emo thot” stage, to relishing Australiana and trying to make it her own (she wore an Akubra religiously for a while there, FYI), to insisting on using CAPITAL LETTERS TO CAPTURE HER BEST LIFE, we chat to FlexMami about her very own brand of ‘online self’ and what it means to be a loud, proud and unshakeable woman in this day and age.

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And as always – don’t keep calm, but do carry on.