We Insta-Stalked The Influencers Joining Big Brother Bc They Need To Get Used To Being Watched

Last year’s Big Brother reboot was nothing short of chaotic (CHAOTIC, I tell you), and since it did so bloody well, a second season is currently in the works.

Last year, sneaky set pics leaked by the Daily Mail tipped us off to that fact that Flex Mami had joined the show in some capacity as she was papped talking to someone that we can only assume is the host, Sonia Kruger.

Then over the weekend, the first teaser dropped, confirming that Flex Mami had, in fact, entered the Big Brother house.

Big Brother intrigues me, my life is one big social game,” Flex said in the clip.

Following the spicy Big Brother teaser, a report by The Daily Telegraph revealed that fashionista Sarah Jane Adams and fitness influencer Katie Williams were also joining the cast, along with magician and comedian Christopher Wayne, as spotted by TV Blackbox.

So basically, it’s all influencers this year? Well, at least they’ll be used to having all eyes on them!

Here, we’ve done a deep-dive into all the confirmed Big Brother 2021 cast members to see WTF they’re all about.

Flex Mami

Big Brother housemate numero uno: Flex fkn Mami, babeyyyy.

Literally everyone knows, loves and adores Flex Mami, so she needs no introduction, but there was no way in hell that I was going to omit her from this list and miss an opportunity to share some of these straight-fire snaps.

Can’t bloody wait to see what our queen bee gets up to in the Big Brother house.

Sarah Jane Adams

Big Brother housemate, Sarah Jane Adams
Big Brother housemate, Sarah Jane Adams

Next up in the Big Brother House there’s fashionista and jewellery designer, Sarah Jane Adams, who will be adding her touch of style and flair to the show.

She’s also penned a memoir called Life In A Box and I’m sure she’ll be handing out copies to her Big Brother housemates (or at least reading them passages).

Katie Williams

We’ve got two stylish queens, so we’re due for a fitness influencer next, right? Enter Katie Williams.

You’ll recognise her from the 2017 season of Australian Ninja Warrior and something tells me her experience in game shows will serve her well with the Big Brother competitions.

Christopher Wayne

And as for Christopher Wayne, he’s one half of The Naked Magicians duo.

No idea what the fuck that is? Have a peek at their ~magic~ below, which they recently performed on E! over in the States. Not bad at all!

I wonder if his inclusion means the return of Big Brother Uncut?