Flex Mami Is Livestreaming A DJ Set Of Dua Lipa’s New Album Tomoz Night So Grab The Bevs

Flex Mami Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia

For anyone who’s been paying even the slightest bit of attention, Dua Lipa has been running the pop game since last November, when she released the Best Song of the Year (calling it now), Don’t Start Now.

And after four agonising months, two more CRACKER singles – Physical and the just-released Break My Heart which has been playing on repeat for 24 hours to the chagrin of my housemate – it’s here. It’s finally here.

Future Nostalgia, Dua’s sophomore LP, has finally dropped. I don’t even know how to properly describe the 11-song album, but my body’s been vibrating ever since it graced my ears – something that hasn’t happened since 2012.

So, to celebrate our new British queen’s release, the one and only Flex Mami has offered to throw everyone a ‘uge dance party tomorrow night.

Flex will be livestreaming a 1-hour DJ set to Dua’s Future Nostalgia, along with a Q&A from Flex’s home, complete with her magic touch of mixing and mashing. If I was vibrating before, I’m fucking buzzing now.

To join in on the set, make sure you head to the link above at 8pm tomorrow night. Friendly reminder that tomorrow is a Saturday, so everyone has my permission to get absolutely loose in their loungerooms.

Zoom/Skype/FaceTime your mates, get a bottle or two of voddy and go fucking off, sons.

In the wise words of Dua herself: Don’t show up, don’t come out.

#stayathome #withme

P.s. if you haven’t heard Future Nostalgia yet, check it out HERE.