Shut Up Everyone, We’ve Actually Worked Out How Old Billy Ray Cyrus’ Potential New Fiancée Is

firerose real name age billy ray cyrus

It’s been a busy week but somewhere in among the noise and fuss Billy Ray Cyrus quite possibly popped the question to an Australian singer known only as Firerose. We didn’t know her from a bar of soap three days ago but after a bit of digging around, we reckon we’ve nailed down just who this mystery woman is.

E! Online already figured out her legal name is Johanna Rosie Hodges, which is credited on some of her released music. Then we copped a DM slide on Instagram from a woman who claimed she knew the singer when she was younger.

The Sydney-born musician’s biography on her website says she moved to Los Angeles after she graduated from Newtown’s School for the Performing Arts, so we combined that knowledge with her actual name to see what we could find.

After a bit of research, we dug up her HSC records which noted she graduated from the school in 2005 on the “Distinguished Achievers List” under the name Johanna Rosie Scholem. Hodges is likely her married name that she’s used to release music under.

Firerose’s top band courses for her higher school certificate were in Drama and Beginners Italian, it seems.

Suppose someone is 17 turning 18 in year 12, then someone who graduated in 2005 would be 34 turning 35 this year. So we’re going to hazard a guess she’s in her mid-30s. Cyrus turned 61 back in August so we’re still looking at a 26-year age gap here.

Honestly not awful but still a bit… yeah. He’s old enough to be her father and she’s literally only six years older than Miley Cyrus.

Just for shits and giggles we had a peek at what Firerose’s name brings up on Getty — where you can’t edit photos to an inch of their lives.

firerose real name investigation billy ray cyrus
[Image: Getty Images / Maury Phillips]
Here she is with a mate at Casey Afflek‘s Los Angeles Confidential cover party in 2008. She’d be about 21 here so right at the kick-off of her partying age in the US.

Well there you go, now we gotta find out if the engagement is legit — and just how much Billy Ray Cyrus dropped on that ring mere months after his divorce.