Ex-Wife Confirms Being Married To Kyle Sandilands Stinks

Kyle Sandilands‘ estranged ex-wife Tamara Jaber has spoken out about how awful it was being married to vile Kyle.

Jaber told news.com.au: “When I was with Kyle, I was just an accessory to his world… I would sit on the sidelines and watch as he spoke for me. There was no way that he would allow my own personality to come through. My life was miserable then.”

She goes on to explain how, during the relationship, Sandilands committed one of the worst relationship crimes possible by depriving her of the Internet.

“He wouldn’t even let me use the computer because we had people around us to do that. I never had the balls to stand up for myself,” she said. “My existence is so much less shallow than it was before. I couldn’t believe how much time I spent trying to keep up appearances.”

Well good on her! Although, sorry to nitpick, but it’s pretty clear she’s had at least a nose job since they broke up which isn’t the finest evidence of a person who’s degree of shallowness has lessened; that said, any work she’s had done has been to great effect:

Sandilands has been surprisingly classy in response to his ex’s comments telling news.com.au, “Tamara was miserable, but this was mainly because of the response to her solo music career. She takes things very personally but she really is very talented. I have heard that she is very happy now and that’s good.”

Photo by Paul McConnell, Getty Images.