Good God, We Might Be Seeing Kyle Sandilands As A Fkn ‘MAFS’ Expert Next Year

kyle sandilands
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

In news that has really rustled my jimmies, Kyle Sandilands – yes, that guy – has reportedly been considered as a MAFS judge for next year’s season.

The news came, of course, on his show, The Kyle And Jackie O Show. Kyle reckons his mate John Ibrahim (you can’t make this shit up, honestly) called him up about it.

“John Ibrahim rings me up and goes, ‘Hey! I see in the paper that MAFS want you to go on that show and be the new relationship expert’. And then he said, ‘I have a friend from the production company who reached out and asked if you’d do it and whether you’re signed to Channel Seven.’ What sort of expertise have I got except disastrous ones?”

I’m glad even Kyle can see what an unhinged decision it’d be to make him a relationship expert – but to be fair, he was with Imogen Anthony for a LONG time. He’s not really a lothario – more just a demon person.

Even though he was like WTF, Kylie is still keen – of course, if the cashola is right.

“Well look, I’m open to talking about it but you’ll have to be willing to pay a lot of money and I’m going to be running this whole show,” he told Jackie after she said it was a ripper idea.

It’s a wild idea that we might see a lineup void of John, Horny Trisha or Mel in the future – but hey, things do change. Look at Masterchef.

Just not Kyle Sandilands, please god.