Lara Bingle X Kyle Sandilands?

Kyle Sandilands and Lara Bingle are apparently dating which is disturbing. What’s even more disturbing is when I went to put the search words ‘Lara Bingle’ into the Pedestrian search box on my computer this happened:

Jesus. How many times must I have typed “Lara Bingle boobs” into my computer over the past nine months? My personal cachet is clearly spiraling out of control. And so is Bingle’s if she’s dating a guy like Kyle Sandilands. Sometimes I wonder maybe he’s actually a really lovely, charismatic guy and being a huge dick is just his media schtick… but then someone awakens me to the more likely reason he is able to land semi-hot chicks is because he is minted, can sign them to his talent agency and subsequently pay for their career-enhancing nose jobs.

A story in the Daily Telegraph said that Bingle’s manager has denied the pair are an item, describing them as friends and business acquaintances, but a “close source” said that frequent sleepovers are said to be included in their new-found friendship. Bingle’s manager – obviously in damage control mode – said: “They are friends and business acquaintances but they are not an item”… although perhaps a high-profile (albeit gross) relationship might be good for Lara’s waning career. It’s kind of tough deciding which one is punching above their weight in this particular tryst…

Title Image by Graham Denholm via Getty