Hugh Jackman and Kyle Sandilands Are The Yin And Yang Of Likeable Australian Celebrities

Australian film and TV magazine Encore has revealed the people we love to love (and curse out on Twitter) with their annual countdown of Australia’s most liked and disliked celebrities.

As was the case last year, triple threat Boy From Oz Hugh Jackman was the celebrity most liked by the Australian public, followed by Packed To The Rafters actress Rebecca Gibney, actress-singer Olivia Newton-John, still riding the goodwill from “Physical” no doubt, and Vietnamese-born Australian comedian Anh Do. The top ten was rounded out by comedians Magda Szubanski and Hamish Blake, and four of the country’s most respected and admired thespians, Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Toni Collette and Simon Baker.

On the other side of the likeability spectrum was last year’s most hated Kyle Sandilands, joined by shock jock contemporaries John Laws and Alan Jones, guy who doesn’t know how they take the big marks, Tom Waterhouse, AFL neanderthals Sam Newman and Ben Cousins, reality TV cardboard cutouts Lara Bingle and Brynne Edelsten, xenophobic One Nation leader Pauline Hanson and serial woman beater, Matt Newton. What a terrible group of people.      

Check out both lists below… 
The top 10 most liked celebrities as judged by the Australian public
1) Hugh Jackman    
2) Rebecca Gibney    
3) Olivia Newton-John    
4) Anh Do    
5) Magda Szubanski    
6) Cate Blanchett    
7) Hamish Blake    
8) Geoffrey Rush    
9) Simon Baker
10) Toni Collette 

The most hated celebrities as judged by the Australian public    
1) Kyle Sandilands    
2) Matthew Newton    
3) Sam Newman    
4) Pauline Hanson    
5) Lara Bingle    
6) Tom Waterhouse    
7) Alan Jones    
8) Brynne Edelsten    
9) Ben Cousins
10) John Laws