Emma Watson Wrote An Incredibly Sweet Letter To Steve Carell

If, as we do, you believe that Emma Watson and Steve Carell are both pretty strong contenders for the title of ‘Famous Person Who Would Be The Best To Hang Out With IRL’, this story may be a bit too much for you to handle.
Suffice to say, while Watson wasn’t present at yesterday’s Academy Awards, she was watching them, and noticed something special about old mate Steve – who was snubbed for an Oscar in Foxcatcher, but took it very well.
It seems he was wearing a pair of HeForShe cufflinks, inspired by the gender equality movement that she herself has vocally championed, and she was so moved that she hand-wrote him a damn letter.
Said letter was then posted on Twitter, because c’mon, Hermione doesn’t have all damn day. Read it and weep:

Dear Steve Carell, 
You were pure genius in Little Miss Sunshine (one of my all time favourite films), my brother became obsessed with you after Anchorman, I wanted to marry you or have you adopt me after Crazy, Stupid, Love, I hated that guy you played in The Way Way Back, and then you were mind-blowing in Foxcatcher. I think you’re so awesome and today you are wearing #HeForShe Monique Péan cufflinks at the Oscars to support Gender Equality. Couldn’t be more proud! THANK YOU. 
Emma x
It’s nice to know that Emma Watson, much like the rest of us, has mad love for Steve Carell, and it’s also incredibly nice to know that Carell managed to champion such a worthwhile cause in a non-flashy way. 
Everybody wins. TBH, we would actually rather have this than that dumb old royal wedding, anyway.
via Complex
Photo: Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images