Emma Watson Briefly Returned To Social Media To Eloquently Shit On Rumours She’s Engaged

Emma Watson

Emma Watson has broken her hiatus from social media to clear up the recent flurry of very random rumours about her career and relationship status from the past couple of weeks/months.

This all started in February, when a representative for the actor shut down rumours published by the Daily Mail about Watson’s future in acting. The newspaper, via an anonymous source, claimed Watson was quitting acting to settle down and start a family with her boyfriend Leo Robinson.

The source said Watson’s career had become “dormant” as she was not taking on any new projects.

“Emma has gone underground, she is settling down with Leo. They’re laying low,” the source claimed.

I feel like this sentence could apply to a lot of people in lockdown. Anyway.

At the time, a representative for the Little Women actor skewered the rumour by simply stating: “Emma’s social media accounts are dormant but her career isn’t.”

And while Watson had taken a hiatus from social media over the past year, she returned on Tuesday with a message for her fans.

Watson said rumours about whether or not she’s engaged, or whether her career is “dormant or not” are ways to “create clicks each time they are revealed to be true or untrue.”

Watson told her fans to assume that no official news from her just means she’s quietly spending the pandemic the way most people are – “failing to make sourdough bread (!), caring for my loved ones and doing my best not to spread a virus that is still affecting so many people.”

She continued, “I am sending so much love to you, hoping you’re okay and as well and happy as you can be in these strange times.”

Watson concluded her statement by thanking everyone who has worked so hard to keep communities safe and well throughout the pandemic.

On Monday, the Daily Mail published yet another article about Watson on a day out “with rumoured fiancé Leo Robinson in Los Angeles.”

It seems the Daily Mail assumed the pair got engaged because they caught snaps of Watson buying – wait for it – furniture.


By that measure, I’d be thrice engaged by now.