Emma Thompson Doing The Robot After A Boozy Lunch W/ Hannah Gadsby Is A Mood & A Half

emma thompson hannah gadsby boozy lunch

There’s only a few people we can all agree are actually good. Most of them are dead, but one of the few remaining Undeniably Good People still blessing this earth is Emma Thompson. The woman is a goddamn treasure, and this latest bit of content does nothing to contradict that.

Thompson, the certified legend, was papped by the British press (they’re good at that) on her way home from the pub, where she’d been sharing a few lunchtime rosés with none other than OTHER certified legend Hannah bloody Gadsby.

According to the Mail on Sunday, a punter at Thompson’s local, the Holly Bush tavern in Hampstead, saw the 60-year-old actress with “a friend” spending several hours over a couple of bottles before she started home. Eagle-eyed Twitterers immediately noticed that that friend was indeed Australian comedy genius Hannah Gadsby.


The excellence does not end there. The gift that is Emma Thompson just keeps on giving, as apparently, upon spotting the photographer, she decided to bust out her best robot.

According to the Mail’s source:

They were drinking rosé for a couple of hours on a lovely Sunday and were very merry. But when Emma got outside, she just went into the robot dance, copying move for move the Peter Crouch version – and she was certainly more natural than Theresa May!

(Peter Crouch was a English footballer who made the robot his signature victory dance. Nerd.)


That must have been a truly excellent lunch. The question is now – just what kind of a lunch was it? Merely a couple of pals having a well-deserved midday booze-up? Or some kind of… business meeting?

What I’m saying is the world needs a Thompson x Gadsby collaboration immediately, if not sooner. These treasures won’t be with us forever! We must combine them in every possible combination while we still can! EMMA! HANNAH! PLEASE!