Hannah Gadsby Says She Probably Won’t Host ‘SNL’ As They Don’t Like Her

Earlier this week, during a sit-down interview for Vanity Fair, Australian stand-up Hannah Gadsby spoke with Monica Lewinsky about her Netflix special Nanette

Things took a slightly odd turn, however, when the two took a break from talking about the special and Lewinsky asked Gadsby about her chances of one day hosting Saturday Night Live.

The exchange went down like so:

Lewinsky: Would you host Saturday Night Live if you were asked?

Gadsby: Yeah, it’s not a real question, because I won’t be asked.

Lewinsky: Why do you think you wouldn’t be asked?

Gadsby: I am not a friend of them. They’re not so fond of my work.

Lewinsky: Really?

Gadsby: Yeah, it’s fine. We’ll all cope. Plus I think I’m a bit slow for live TV.

It’s unclear what the specific issue is between Hannah Gadsby and SNL, and she didn’t go into any further detail in the interview.

It’s possible, though, that she may have been referring to an incident a few months back, in which SNL head writer and Weekend Update host Michael Che took to his Instagram stories to say he was sick of “anti-comedy comedy” and “stand-up tragedy”.

Many of his followers assumed he was talking about Nanette and asked if he’d seen it. He told them he he had not, but they persisted in asking him about it, eventually leading to an awkward exchange with New York Magazine.

Che has yet to respond to this current drama, if this is even about him.