Hannah Gadsby Says She’s Not Real Keen To Become A Hollywood Star Overnight

hannah gadsby snl impersonation

Hannah Gadsby has explained her decision not to charge head-first into Hollywood after finding immense success with Nanette, saying she’s pretty keen to assess the situation before getting too stuck in.

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The Tasmanian comic told The Hollywood Reporter “I don’t recognise my life anymore,” which is a reasonable statement to be made after launching a career-changing stand-up special.

“I won’t be giving this city my whole heart until I feel safe or am dead inside, whichever comes first,” Gadsby said of Los Angeles.

That statement comes after some significant behind-the-scenes changes for Gadsby, who is set to launch her debut memoir next year and has picked up new agency representation in Tinseltown.

THR also poked around recent suggestions that Gadsby should host the 2019 Academy Awards, following her winning turn as a guest presenter at the Emmys; while the publication did suggest Gadsby has been offered some big gigs in that field, she declined to mention which ones.

Pretty sensibly, Gadsby said she needs to acclimatise to the notoriety brought on by Nanette: “I need to understand it all before I move on to what’s next, or I’ll go crazy.”

For reference, that notoriety recently has manifested itself in interesting ways: Saturday Night Live‘s Aidy Bryant launched her Gadsby impression on the variety show, but Gadsby’s recent comments on “good men” interacting with the #MeToo movement have been scrutinised to the nth degree.

Expect to see more of Gadsby in 2019, but perhaps in subtler ways than a surprise smash-hit Netflix special.