Hannah Gadsby Killed Her Emmys Appearance & Now Everyone Wants Her As Host

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Homegrown hero Hannah Gadsby took to the stage at The Emmys today, providing stronger gags in a 20 second opening presenting Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series than basically anyone else, including the hosts. Here’s footage from a tweet in which someone says she doesn’t know who Hannah Gadsby is:

Riffing on the Emmy’s professed commitment to a ‘diverse’ presentation, Gadsby says “for somebody like me, a nobody from nowhere: gets this sweet gig, free suit and new boots…. just because I don’t like men!

“Just jokes, fellas, calm down” she goes on. “Hashtag #NotAllMen… but a lot of them.”

The winner of the category was Stephen Daldry, for The Crown. He wasn’t actually present to receive the award, which Gadsby joked was because of her presenting the award. “So I think I’ll just leave now,” she says. “Well done him.”

Gadsby has recently been exposed to an American audience through the phenomenally popular Netflix special of her show Nanette.

Commentary on social media indicated that Hannah was essentially the funniest part of a ceremony which had not been particularly funny at all.



Goodonya, Hannah.