Hannah Gadsby Just Got Impersonated On SNL So She Can Officially Retire Now

hannah gadsby snl impersonation

It’s been a big year for our Hannah Gadsby. Her Netflix stand-up special ‘Nanette‘ made headlines and critics’ lists globally; it was such a hit that she was forced to walk back the assertion she makes in the show that she was retiring from comedy.

Well, now she officially can retire, because she’s just been satirised on SNL and I’m pretty sure that’s as good as it gets. Cash in that enormous cultural capital check, Hannah, and retire to somewhere lush and luxurious. Ain’t nothin’ in showbiz gonna top that.

The sketch in question is a genuinely funny one (sometimes they’re not, let’s not kid ourselves): a reel of auditions for the role of the Oscars host for next year’s ceremony.

The Tasmanian comedian is played with aplomb by SNL cast veteran Aidy Bryant, who absolutely nails Gadsby’s very particular vocal cadence (if not quite the accent).

She’s joined by Chris Hemsworth (ably depicted by none other than Matt Damon), Rami Malek (Pete Davidson doing a surprisingly good job), and Michelle Wolf (the inimitable Kate McKinnon).

But who cares about any of them! OUR HANNAH GADSBY got impersonated on Saturday Night Live! It’s a Christmas gift we didn’t even know we wanted.

Watch the important bit below, and if you’re interested in seeing the whole thing, you’ll just have to Voluntarily Pay for a cable televisioN subscription.

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