Hannah Gadsby Is Reportedly Being Considered For The Oscars Hosting Gig

Take this with as many grains of salt as you can possibly grab with one hand, because it is as scuttlebutt as scuttlebutt gets at this stage. But that said, the old adage goes where there’s smoke there’s fire. And as far as Hannah Gadsby goes, in regards to the suddenly-vacant Oscars hosting gig, there’s at least a little bit of smoke here.

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Thanks to Kevin Hart‘s absurdly homophobic social media past being uncovered almost the exact moment he was initially announced as the host of this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, the much-maligned job is up for grabs once again. And according to industry papers, one name being tossed around for the role is none other than Tasmania’s very own Hannah Gadsby.

Variety reports that Gadsby’s now-famous appearance at the Emmy Awards has brought her into contention for the role; a hire that would directly address the reasons why Hart “removed himself” from the job over the weekend.

Gadsby’s name is one of a laundry list Variety asserts is being tossed around for the gig, but notes that her Emmy appearance stole the show at that ceremony in September.

‘Course that appearance lasted all of a minute and it’s an entirely different beast to have to helm the entire 4-hour Oscars ceremony, and it would require a fairly significant leap of faith on the behalf of Oscars organisers who tend to favour deeply conservative content, but there’s no denying a Gadsby-hosted Oscars would be both a) incredibly important viewing, and b) unlike anything the Oscars’ ceremony has ever seen before.

Fingers bloody crossed, hey.