Hannah Gadsby’s New Standup ‘Douglas’ Is Hitting Netflix Next Month So Clear Your Iso Plans

Australian national treasure Hannah Gadsby is here to take a few hours of isolation away from us with a new standup special on Netflix.

Two years after the release of Nanette, the comedian has announced she’s dropping a new standup spesh called Douglas.

“Hi, I’m Hannah Gadsby. My second Netflix special, Douglas, will debut on May 26th on Netflix! I’m excited for you to see it. It’s gonna be good. Unless you don’t like it. Then it’s still going to be good and you’ll be wrong,” Gadsby said in the video announcement.

For the non die-hards, Douglas is the name of her eldest dog, which Gadsby toured around the world with before finishing in Los Angeles where the Netflix special was recorded.

Gadsby won an Emmy and Peabody award for Nanette, her special that turned everything you know about standup comedy specials on its head.