Please Enjoy These Photos Of Hannah Gadsby Having A Sick One At The Emmys

Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby proved herself a bona fide highlight of yesterday’s Emmy Awards, injecting laughs into her award-presenting role – laughs which were mostly lacking elsewhere in the ceremony. And when that was through, she left the stage in a typically low-key way, shrugging and saying “well done him” to The Crown’s Stephen Daldry.

Still, Gadsby’s reception before and after the event was anything but subdued, as big time fans spoke of their appreciation of her work – particularly the comedy special Nanette.

One Tree Hill star Sophia Bush expressed her admiration for the Tasmanian at a lush pre-Emmys gala. In an Instagram post featuring Gadsby and champions Tracee Ellis Ross and Brittany Snow, Bush sais “This woman’s Netflix special is a revelation. And a revolution.

“Hannah, thank you for being so gracious to each of us who had gratitude to share.”

At the same shindig, actor Meredith Salenger posted an appreciative shot alongside Gadsby and Salenger’s husband, comedian Patton Oswalt.

A backstage interview after her presenting role also allowed Gadsby to experience a little more shine hurled her way.

And after the event, Gadsby also palled around with history-making nominee and early-leaver Sandra Oh. In an Instagram post documenting that blessed meeting, Gadsby riffed on the fact that yes, everyone thinks she should have hosted the entire event.

Good gear all around, tbh.