Emma Stone, icon, queen, babe… has just given birth to her first child with comedian husband Dave McCary and awww.

TMZ first leaked the news on Friday night, and I truly wonder whether they have secret under-cover midwives, because they always break news like this so fast.

A source told TMZ that Stone gave birth to her earthside angel on Saturday March 13 (Friday our time) in the L.A area. There is no word on whether the little bean is be a boy or girl. But as long as there’s no gender reveal party, I’m happy.

In December 2019, McCary popped the question and gave Stone her own special little stone. McCary shared the news on Instagram which delighted many fans, but also disappointed many guys and gals who thought they’d one day marry the hot, down-to-earth La La Land star.

But McCary himself is a catch, working as a writer and segment director of Saturday Night Live. God, I just love couples who are both so equally talented and amazing.

Fun fact: the SNL king-pin proposed to Stone in the SNL studios, and men across the globe are now collectively kicking themselves that they will never be able to top that. Luckily for you, I personally have set the proposal bar as low as putting an engagement ring in a McChicken. So if we have any takers, please hit me up.

*Fingers crossed* there will be an abundance of baby pics incoming. But I wouldn’t hold my breath as this couple likes to keep things pretty quiet, especially Stone who doesn’t even have Instagram.

Either way, the baby is bound to be insanely talented and funny, which is all you can really ask for right?

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