Fans Reckon Emma Stone And Her ‘SNL’ Boo Dave McCary Secretly Tied The Knot In Lockdown

Fans are convinced Emma Stone has married Saturday Night Live writer, Dave McCary, after they spotted a ring on that finger during her latest (virtual) appearance.

Emma and Dave have been dating since at least 2017, and announced their engagement on Instagram in December of last year. Emma doesn’t have Instagram, so Dave did the honours posting a picture of the smiling couple and Emma’s pearl engagement ring. In case you’re wondering, the ring was designed by Kataoka jewellery and features an eight-millimetre pearl at its centre, surrounded by diamonds.

Appearing on Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine last week, a YouTube channel dedicated to female authorship, Emma chatted to Reese about her mental health and partnership with The Child Mind Institute. She opened up about being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and panic disorder when she was seven years old, and the importance of looking after yourself during these times. And while many viewers praised Emma for being so open about her mental health, they also couldn’t help but notice the gold ring on her finger.

Said ring looks like your average wedding band, which sent fans (all of the stan accounts) straight to Rumoursville.

Dave hasn’t posted anything on his Instagram since he announced the couple’s engagement, and his Twitter is on private, so we can’t even do a proper sleuth here. That hasn’t stopped fans from sending their congratulations though.