Emma Stone Looks Like She’d Sew Herself A Dalmatian Fur Coat In New Cruella Poster

emma stone cruella poster

It’s been a couple of years since we got our first glimpse of the 101 Dalmatians reboot, Cruella, where Emma Stone steps into the black and white wig of the De Vil herself. This week we’ve been blessed with the film’s official poster, the promise of a trailer coming in hot, and when we can expect to meet the new era of evil.

With a simple “hello, cruel world”, Cruella appears alone on the poster in black and white, with a bold, smoky eye and a strong brow. Her black and white hair springing up into tight coils and giving off that lavish, luxurious energy that only a person with a floor-length fur coat and a foot-long ciggy holder would possess.

Look, it’s not much to go off until we actually see her in action as the devilish heiress when the trailer drops tomorrow, but everyone’s already questioning whether this new iteration of Ms De Vil will match up to the iconic Glenn Close performance from 1996.

And some have pitched what they expect from the incoming trailer, too.

I mean, when you’re right, you’re right. Right?

Let us revisit that snapshot we got of Stone’s Cruella we got to see back in late 2019, because a literal shitload of everything has happened in that time. It’s definitely understandable that you’ve probably filed it away in your memory’s overflowing cabinets already, or hung it up like an expensive, silk-lined fur (as Cruella would have wanted), so here’s a refresher.

Though we don’t have much of an idea of the actual storyline yet, we do know that Stone’s Cruella is a prequel to the antagonist we came to know in the 60s animated version and the 90s live-action film. Stone is set to play a young De Vil, and Emma Thompson is locked in to play the ‘Baroness’, so maybe we’ll actually learn how Cruella came to be such a cold-ass binch who desired nothing more than to skin over 100 dalmatian puppies to make a coat.

Might be nice to know how she came to that life goal, really.

And look, if we have Glenn Close as an older Cruella, and Emma Stone as a younger Cruella, I firmly believe that this guy has a great idea going here.


Let’s have a huge film of De Vil at every stage of her life. I’m sure Betty White could play a sickly-sweet-but-secretly-evil Cruella in her twilight years.