Netflix’s Emily In Paris Is A Solid Binge If You’re After Something Fun & Dumb To Stare At

Emily in Paris

Netflix’s shiny new series, Emily in Paris, is the definition of escapism in 2020. It is the absolute opposite of this grim, dumbass year and that’s probably why it’s going absolutely boonta on the socials. If you haven’t binged your way through the series yet, here’s everything you need to know about it.

Emily in Paris was created by Darren Star, otherwise known as the brain behind Sex and the City and Younger. So even if you haven’t binged the series yet, you can expect a lot of ridiculous and gorgeous farshunnn moments.

Emily, played by Lily Collins (Love, Rosie), is an ambitious twenty-something marketing executive from Chicago, who unexpectedly lands her dream job in Paris when her company acquires a French luxury marketing business.

Tasked with revamping their social media strategy, Emily suddenly finds herself in Paris navigating new challenges, her new boss who hates her, friends, and romances. She also doesn’t speak a word of French! At all! Doesn’t even try!

The series costars Ashley Park (Tales of the City), Camille Razat (The Disappearance), and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Three Men and a Cradle).

If you need, need, need to escape somewhere – preferably a very romanticised version of Paris – but physically can’t because of the pandemic, then this show’s for you.

Nothing about it is realistic or attainable – what twenty-something-year-old can afford clothes like Emily? – but it’s a fun getaway. It’s empty, empty viewing. Sometimes annoying. Dumb, but fun. The thing you put on when your brain needs to switch off.

The Cut called it “Happy Hour for the Brain”, which pretty much sums it up.

Also, people are in love with Lucas Bravo now. He plays Emily’s love interest Gabriel.

Consider him Twitter’s new boyfriend.

Emily in Paris is only 10 episodes long, with eps hovering around the 30-minute mark.

For those who have already watched it, Collins is pretty keen on a second series. Netflix hasn’t renewed it yet, though.

Collins told Vanity Fair that there’s plenty more to explore in Emily’s world, where the coronavirus probably doesn’t exist.

“There are so many more areas to explore – so many more experiences that she could have,” Collins said. “In the first season you were just kind of finding the nuance of a foreign city.”

It’s probably going to get a second season, hey?

Emily in Paris is streaming now on Netflix.

In conclusion:

Wait for it.

HahHAHAHAhaha – good shit.