Lily Collins Reckons Her Emily In Paris Character Is 22 & The Maths Is Just Not Adding Up

Emily in Paris / Lily Collins

Emily in Paris just really loosens my juices – especially on a Friday arvo. It’s peak comedy – it’s just so silly and fun and gorgeous, and it’s birthed so many ridiculous yarns. The latest is Lily Collins revealing how old Emily is, and it has shaken me to my core.

In a recent interview with Vogue UK, Lily was asked a slew of burning questions about the show, like about Emily’s work ethic, her sometimes cringe attitude, and how realistic the series is.

But the #1 question Vogue had about Emily was about her age.

According to Lily, the show never really gave Emily a specific number.

“But I believe that she’s pretty fresh out of college,” she said.

“Maybe this is her first year after graduation. I want to say she’s like 22-ish. She’s had enough experience at her company in Chicago to have earned the respect of her boss.”

Twenty-two, TWENTY-TWO with a master’s degree.

You know what? Let’s just go with it! It’s Friday!

Maybe Emily did an accelerated masters’ degree, or something – is that a thing in the States? I don’t know, but maybe it is in Emily in Paris, where anything is possible!

I’m trying to do the mental gymnastics, here – I was 21 when I graduated uni after a three-year course. So let’s say Emily somehow combined her undergraduate with her master’s for the same three year duration, and graduated at 21 as well. She’d have to land a job immediately in an entry-level position, and work her ass off for a year (pull some incredibly big wins) to then move into a mid-level role. I say mid-level, because she’d at least have to be mid-level to be offered a job in Paris.

Does this even work?

OR, she’s a genius and skipped a couple of years of high school. I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know. 

Anywho, you can imagine the response on Twitter.

For the record, Emily being 22 is still more believable than Emily growing her Instagram following from 48 to 20,000 through selfies and hashtags like #frenchworkout.

Honestly, I don’t care how many loopholes there are in Emily in Paris – it’s pure escapism and brain ice cream, and that’s why we ADORE IT.

Emily in Paris is streaming now on Netflix.