Aight, there’s a bit getting about this morning about the Bachelorette Elly Miles and her new boo Frazer Neate. It’s a lot… but the gist is Elly has responded to those rumours that Frazer had a “secret girlfriend” on the outside. Meanwhile, goss podcast So Dramatic! is just full-on saying they’ve broken up already. Strap in.

So, let’s begin with the “secret girlfriend” yarn. Last week, The Wash reported that Frazer had been dating a woman named Shyanne right up until the day he flew to Sydney to film the show.

Shyanne told The Wash that Frazer had even left his pup, King, in her care, but ultimately ended things with her after Elly chose him.

“When Frazer got out [from The Bachelorette], he called me straight from the airport,” Shyanne told The Wash.

He said, ‘I appreciate you so much, I had a lot of thinking to do, and I thought about you a lot when I was in the house. In an ideal world we would be together, but because of the show, we can’t.'”

Shyanne added that Frazer didn’t tell her Elly had chosen him either, which she thought was pretty fucked up.

So then Elly hopped on the Life Uncut podcast to address the rumour, basically confirming that she knew all about it.

“None of it was new news to me when that article came out,” Elly told hosts Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne.

Elly said that once the couple left The Bachelorette experience, they told each other everything.

“I knew they’d been seeing each other,” she said, adding that she even knew about King’s situation.

“Frazer was really honest about everything that happened between them, and that they were still mates,” she continued. “I guess the situation is tricky because he couldn’t come out and [tell her] he won.”

Elly explained that you’re not meant to tell anybody if you’ve won, which absolutely sucks, but those are the rules.

“I think it really sucks, because obviously she still had feelings for him and hoped things might continue on for them [when The Bachelorette finished up], but it is what it is,” Elly said.

MEANWHILE on So Dramatic!host Megan Pustetto is claiming the pair have already split.

In the latest episode of the goss podcast, Megan said Frazer has been swanning around town telling people he and Elly are donezo.

“Turns out he wasn’t just hitting the town claiming to be single, he actually told everyone that he and Elly had broken up and that they’re just keeping up appearances,” she said.

A source told Megan, “I know a few people that Frazer has hooked up with after filming wrapped. He hasn’t been well behaved at all.”

Another source said, “My boyfriend is on Frazer’s AFL team and he said that Frazer told the boys that he and Elly had already broken up. They’ve stayed mates, but it was all just a ploy for them to get more fame.”

For what it’s worth, Elly told PEDESTRIAN.TV that she’ll be moving to Queensland to be with Frazer at some point next year. Like, they’re taking it slow, but there’s a plan.

“I think Frazer and I will do a little more long-distance, and then I’ll make the move to Queensland next year,” Elly said.

“It’s good, because when you think about moving to be with someone, it kind of seems like a big, crazy step, but I’m not tied down anywhere. I can work anywhere and I’ve got friends up in Queensland too, so I guess I’m going to be forging my own life as well, it’s not like I’m making him my life.”

Since Elly and Frazer are doing long-distance, you probably won’t see too much of them together on their socials. But, when they are together, they look damn cute.

Image: Network Ten