Unlikely Pals Ed Sheeran & Julia Roberts ‘Shacked Up Together’ For Quarantine At A Lush NSW Pad

Filing this one under unlikely celebrity friendships: Ed Sheeran and Julia Roberts reportedly “shacked up together” after touching down in Australia and partaking in their mandatory 14-day quarantine period.

Sneaky sources told the Sydney Morning Herald that a group of six peeps who flew into Aus together earlier this month were granted an exemption from standard hotel quarantine.

Emerald City reported that the group included Sheeran’s wife Cherry and daughter Lyra Antarctica along with two other unknown guests.

The visitors splashed out on a lush 141 acre pad called the Sweven Estate on the Hawkesbury River, valued at $4723 per night.

But get this, according to The Sun-Herald, local yokel Nicole Kidman helped the Hollywood stars out with finding a place to stay and even secured them a security team.

The estate is reportedly guarded by a heavy security team and an around-the-clock police presence. They stayed there from March 6 to March 20.

As you’ll remember, last week Sydney was hit with torrential storms which caused rising floodwaters which impacted the area in which the celebs were staying.

According to Private Sydney, Sheeran and his family just missed the flooding in the area, while Julia Roberts and her mates chose not to evacuate.

Julia Roberts is in town to film the political thriller Gaslit with Sean Penn (perhaps he was one of the unknown guests?), meanwhile Ed Sheeran is here to attend the Melbourne memorial for Aussie music industry great Michael Gudinski.

Gudinski died in his sleep earlier in March. At the memorial service last Wednesday, Sheeran said he finished writing “Visiting Hours” while spending two weeks in quarantine in order to say his goodbye.

During the emotional performance, Sheeran had to stop for a beat because he got so choked up. After the song, he left the stage in tears.

“We were, first and foremost, friends. He was a father figure and mentor to me, but also we enjoyed the peaks of our touring career together in 2018, breaking the record for most tickets sold in Australia,” Sheeran explained on Instagram earlier in March.

The chorus was a perfect send off for a dear mate and music legend: “I wish had that heaven had visiting hours.”

Not only did the song rightfully get a standing ovation, but it’s safe to say there was not a dry eye in the room.

Sheeran also played a bunch of other songs, including “The A Team” and “Castle on the Hill”.