Drake Now Has A Fked 2010s Justin Bieber Haircut And The Memes Will Not Stop Rolling In

Drake Haircut

Happy 2021 fam! It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the year has already been ruined with some turbo fuckery from the certified lover boy himself, Drake. What has he gone and done now you ask? Well, instead of dropping club bangers like he’s used to doing, he’s gone and shown off his new Bieber-esque haircut, and I would very much like to never see it again.

Posting the new ‘do on his insta story with the caption ‘Big #Mood’, the rapper revealed that he now has a lengthy fringe in the style of young Justin Bieber, with the classic love heart that he’s been rocking lately still in place.

Drake is set to release his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy sometime in January this year, which would explain the haircut and the love heart just a little bit.

Naturally, it’s a big change for Drake, and the internet has been having an absolute field day with this new information. The memes! They keep on rolling in!

So, without further ado, here are some of the most elite memes related to Drake and his new haircut.


One must ask themselves what mood Drake thought he was vibing with this new hairstyle.

If this becomes a popular trend in 2021, I will no longer be online until 2022 rolls around, thanks.

I mean if you really look at the pictures of Liam Payne and Drake side by side, can you even tell the difference?

Actually, has anyone ever seen them in the same room?

If there’s a person with a long fringe that exists, chances are the internet has already compared them to Drake. The speed and efficiency of Twitter users making memes is something that truly baffles.




Not to sound like some prophet, but I’d imagine this pic was posted with the intention to cause a bit of online controversy before he goes ahead and drops a brand new album.

I mean, here we are, right now, discussing his hairstyle, while he’s probably in a studio somewhere cooking up the soundtrack to our 2021. Marketing genius, I say.