Drag Race RuCap: Snatch Game Is Here & These Celeb Impressions Are Definitely A Choice

drag race down under episode 4 snatch game recap

Polish the car, stick the keys in the hole where the keys go and fire up those engines ‘cos it’s time for some more of Stan’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under. This week we’re recapping the mother-tucking Snatch Game — the episode that everyone and their nonna patiently wait for with baited gay breath.

Let’s quickly recap what happened in last week’s episode, AKA the best episode of Drag Race Down Under to air.

Pomara Fifth, the fifth instalment in the Pomara series, was sent packing by Beverly Kills in a, dare I say, killer lipsync. Spankie Jackzon and Yuri Guaii also took home a double win for their excellent drag brunch comedy special, bringing Spankie to a total of two wins! What a bloody powerhouse!

rupaul's drag race down under season 2
Me after a Friday night in Melbourne with “friends”.

This week there was no mini challenge to clear up some time for Snatch Game.

I’m glad they do it this way, I want to see as many jokes as I can.

RuPaul decides to do a weird attempt at being sexy over the television. She’s like, whispering? But also being oddly seductive? It was kind of uncomfortable and also kind of hot — I’ll be discussing the whole thing with my therapist.

God, she looks BEAT.

RuPaul then tells the queens (from inside the Drag Race Down Under werk room) that this week’s challenge will be to poorly impersonate a bunch of D-list celebrities and offend half the nation in the process. It’s a challenge inspired by last year’s mess of a Snatch Game, I’m sure.

She then proceeds to stand in front of the queens in person, to talk to them in person. Face-to-face. No green screen.

The cameraman working overtime in this tiny werk room to dismantle those green screen allegations.

The girls go around and chat with each other about their Snatch Game character choices.

Minnie Cooper gives her strangest Ellen Degeneres impersonation and Beverly — bless her heart — gives her best impression of someone who isn’t absolutely bewildered, baffled, flummoxed and perplexed by what they just saw.

beverly kills
*smiles in twink*.

Hannah Conda reveals her Liza Minnelli impersonation and it is astonishingly good.

She’s mostly just mumbling half the time but that’s what makes it so god damn funny.

Hannah Conda slurring words in a black pussycat wig? Sounds like peak comedy to me.

drag race down under snatch game

Minnie Cooper then proceeds to crack Ruple up with her batshit Ellen Degeneres impression.

It’s wild, it’s chaotic, and it’s everything we’ve come to expect from Minnie.

She also uses her moment with Ru to tell her all the BTS tea that went down between Pomara and Bev during the last episode.

It’s a real instance of Minnie’s direct honesty coming out at the wrong time, and Bev isn’t too impressed that she spilt tea in front of the HOST of the show. Major yikes.

rupauls drag race australia
nightmare blunt rotation.

Time for the Snatch Game and we’re introduced to our lovely judges this year, Rhys Nicholson and Raven from Season Two of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I swear Rhys’ hair gets redder and redder every time we see him. Which Sydney tops has he sacrificed for this perfectly bloody colour?

raven and rhys nicholson
A reminder that this is a picture of two white men.

Now for a rundown of everyone’s Snatch Game character.

Minnie Cooper as Ellen is up first. Even before Miss Degeneres was knocked down from her fake-happy tower, she wasn’t exactly the funniest person in the world, so using her as a way to make RuPaul laugh is a difficult task.

Minnie could’ve definitely leaned into her absurd sense of humour a bit more to play up the character as a terminally-smiling robot of some sort. Unfortunately, the result we saw was a little hard to watch.

my Christmas list.

Kween Kong as Nene Leakes was kind of a serve. A minute slay, as the girls would say.

All of the jokes landed and her delivery was on point, but it wasn’t knee-slappingly hilarious.

Definitely a safe performance. It’s good to see Kween sailing through the comedy challenges and not landing in the bottom. We need to see more of her still!

my Christmas list.

Next up is Beverly Kills as Val Garland — a London makeup artist and judge on Glow Up — who became popular online for her catchphrase “Ding Dong!”

I honestly thought Bev’s delivery was pretty spot-on and that her jokes weren’t the worst. Every time she made a joke the editors didn’t play the laughing track and RuPaul seemed completely unimpressed, which definitely made the performance feel more cringe-inducing than it probably actually was.

With that said, I don’t think editing tricks could have saved this performance by that much.

beverly kills val garland snatch game down under
me while writing my Christmas list.

What is there to say about Hannah Conda as Liza Minnelli that wasn’t already said by the judges?

It was a stellar Snatch Game moment that also managed to separate itself from the Liza’s of the past, which is no easy feat. Hannah owned this entire challenge and it was clear from the get-go that she would be winning.

We love this for her!

drag race down under snatch game winner
my fabulous single Aunt on Christmas.

Spankie Jackzon as Barry Humphries was also a treat. She was really playing Dame Edna but for copyright reasons, she couldn’t say that of course.

If there was a prize for runner-up, it would go to Spankie. Sure she could’ve gone crazier with the character but it was a real delight every time she opened her mouth. I just wish we got to see more of this performance!

drag race down under barry humphries
my Christmas list.

Yuri Guaii as Courtney Love also devoured. Every joke was pretty funny and the characterisation was consistent throughout. Yuri is just so good at playing a sleazy character and making it funny. Unless of course, she’s in a scripted acting challenge.

courtney love snatch game
I had no idea what she was saying half the time but I was living.

Last but least it’s Molly Poppinz as Orville Peck. As soon as the character choice was revealed I had a feeling this was going to be a trainwreck.

Molly is a queen with such a charming personality and I feel like she was restricted by playing a faceless cowboy who sings about gay yearning. I definitely thought this performance would wind up in the bottom but I guess we needed to see the Minnie v Beverly ‘drama’ play out on stage.

drag race down under snatch game
finally, a face reveal!

Now, here are some of the notable looks from this week’s Drag Race Down Under episode. The theme? Cirque du So-gay.

Spankie served us Big Mime Rush in her gorgeous little clown ensemble, and I was in love. She’s definitely been keeping quiet about her fashion skills this season.

Beverly truly ate as a circus lion with a whip. Mama, this is drag. This is the kind of look that will definitely impress the big tops.

she’s whip-smart.

Molly’s look this week had to be my favourite of the bunch. Her makeup was exquisite and those fairy floss props looked delectable. Definitely a look that saved her from receiving a bottom placement.

she ate.

Speaking of incredible looks, I am not surprised to see Hannah Conda back on this list of top outfits. She’s been bringing the fashion every week this season and it is so delightful to see.

hannah conda drag race down under.
if this was in my sewer grate I am JUMPING down.

Unsurprisingly, Hannah was declared the winner of this week’s maxi challenge for her stunning Liza impersonation.

The bottom two of the week are Minnie Cooper and Beverly Kills. Somewhere out there is a producer absolutely getting high off of this.

The lipsync was an utterly chaotic acid trip fuckfest to Lady Gaga‘s “Dance in the Dark”.

I have no words, but this picture should sum it up well:

minnie cooper drag race
I am not sleeping tonight.

Needless to say, Minnie Cooper was sent home for her wild clown dancing.

It’s a shame that she had to go so soon given the fact that she’s an absolute legend, but the Snatch Game is not an easy challenge to succeed in.

Nevertheless, she’ll continue being a legend outside of this competition. We mustn’t let her time on the show dictate our views of her — she paved the way for so many Aussie queers, and that deserves our utmost respect and adoration. On ya, Minnie!