Dominos Changed Their Menu After Watching The Asylum Seeker-Pizza Complaints Mash-Up

video released yesterday that superimposed complaints taken verbatim from the Dominos Australia Facebook page atop images of asylum seekers subject to conditions that perhaps only Julie Bishop would deem acceptable didn’t escape the attention of the crust and customer service connoisseurs at Dominos, who overnight took one of the more feasible complaints to their slowly-congealing hearts and announced a long overdue amendment to their menu. 
That complaint, animated in the video at 1:25: “Empty promises once again. When will it end? You made a promise to us that you would bring back the PUFF PASTRY if you get 5K likes on the photo. It’s been on 5K likes for ages now. Is this another empty promise or will you indeed keep your word and bring it back? Please don’t let us down.”

Dominos’ response: “Hi guys – thanks for sending through the links to the video. We have watched it and appreciate the creative efforts the makers went to. We appreciate all of our fans and follower’s feedback. The only reason these links have been removed from the page is because it goes against our social media policy to allow external links on the page. No other reason. Keep the feedback coming #PeoplePoweredPizza Thanks!”

How to make the best of a bad situation: “Puff pastry pizza returning soon.
A cursory glance at the Dominos Facebook page reveals its users remain largely oblivious to their paltry pizza problems, with complaints registered in the last 17 hours including: “i ordered a nice pizza n it wasnt very big” [sic] and “Worst pizza ever.. Just tomato sauce all over nothing else”, which isn’t a bad nihilistic metaphor for life, really.
Still waiting for Dominos to take fascism off the menu too.