Behold, And Weep: The UK Is Getting A One-Touch Pizza Delivery Button

Real talk: The most oppressive part of ordering pizza is the actual interacting with other people. So any method of minimising human contact is surely a godsend.

It should be an easy process to transform your mortal bones into a being of Italian sauce bread joy; transcending from a quivering weakling into the cheesy behemoth that beats within all of us.
And if you happen to live in the UK, that dream is now merely time away from becoming reality.
Dominos is at the cutting edge of cutting down your pizza ordering pain, and is preparing to release a glorious contraption known as the Pizza Button.
Sure, you’ve got to go through the initial annoyance of syncing it to your phone, setting up an account, and registering your favourite usual ‘za flavour.
But once that’s done? Boom. One-touch pizza.
The button works with bluetooth technology, comes housed in its own adorable little Dominos box, and is set to be rolled out to gluttonous Brits this coming December, with a second batch due in February 2016.
Whether or not it hits our shores remains to be seen (trust the damned motherland to withhold certain luxuries from the colonies).
But if/when it does, our lives shall surely transcend t’wards nirvana.
Photo via Dominos.

via Engadget.