Domino’s Is Doing A Sausage Sizzle Pizza, Which Is What They Serve At Bunnings Italy (Probs)

dominos sausage sizzle pizza

A gastronomical delight (?) that truly nobody asked for but I’m sure has been dreamed about in kickons aplenty, the two hangover cure/hunger busters of greasy, doughy pizza and the beloved sausage sizzle have come together in a dream combo from Domino’s. The Sausage Sizzle Pizza.

Great news for your garbage guts and any time that you have a very specific craving for both a saucy, cheesy disc of dough and a sausage caressed by the cheapest white bread, Domino’s has clapped the two together like the delicious forbidden combo it is.

For a limited time (which is very rude, tbh) the Sausage Sizzle Pizza features perfectly-BBQ’d beef snag, grilled onion, stringy mozzarella, on a classic pizzy base (tomato). The whole thing’s topped off with the correct sausage sanga sauce combo: tomato sauce and mustard. No, I will not be taking comments at this time, because I am right and true.

Just fucken take a geeze at this, would ya?

dominos sausage sizzle pizza[Image: Domino’s Australia]

Pure, unadulterated, illegal stuff. I’d inhale it in a heartbeat.

Unlike the Bunnings snag stand that comes around every weekend when you hoof it to the DIY haven, the Domino’s baked barbie offering officially lands on menus from Monday, January 25 (or earlier if you’ve got the pizzy chain’s app and know how to get to the secret menu).

Honestly, if this thing goes gangbusters (which I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t), I’m hoping it’ll somehow find its way onto the Domino’s menu full-time, and then they’ll also make a veggo alternative. Lord knows I might break gentle veg for this pizza ONE time, but a veg option needs to happen, too.

The unholy union of snag-in-bread and pizza will set you back a tidy $7.95 for pick-up orders, and are only on the grill for a short while, so alert the group chat and plan your next hungover meal accordingly.