Dominos Now Uses AI Cameras To Make Sure You Don’t Cop A Bung Pizza

Of all the ways artificial intelligence is being adopted around the world, this is definitely one of the weirdest. Dominos is launching a pizza checker which will automatically scan and identify bung pizzas before they leave the store.

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The company has called the technology the DOM Pizza Checker, which is essentially a camera which sits above the store cutting board and scopes out pizzas as they’re made. It compares what it sees to a big database of pizzas and if it’s not up to scratch, it tells the staff to make it again.

It takes into consideration the distribution of toppings, cheese, and just the general look of the pizza to make sure it’s up to a high standard. At some point later this year, the store will even send you a goddamn picture of your pizza, letting you know whether it’s passed the test or is being remade.

The rollout of this new system is aimed at addressing the biggest complaint Dominos receives, which is, “my pizza doesn’t look like it should”. 

“For anyone who has ever been disappointed with their pizza for any reason – maybe there was hardly any pepperoni on it, or not enough cheese – rest assured, we have heard you! And we’re determined to make it right,” Domino’s ANZ CEO, Nick Knight, said in a release.

The DOM has been in development with Dragontail Systems for the past two years and is now being used in all Dominos stores across Australia and New Zealand.

It’s a fairly full-on move as far as pizza making goes, but I guess getting a lopsided one is pretty shitty. So, uh, all hail our new AI pizza inspector, DOM.