What better time to practice self-love and self-care than during this scary, weird, wacky time of quarantine, right?

Celebrities have been taking to social media to share with us how they’re spending their time in isolation and honestly I’m grateful for the tips ‘coz I’m running out of shit to do over here.

One thing that the stars seem to be loving is going live on Instagram, which you will have noticed ‘coz every five fkn minutes, a notification pops up, announcing that one or more famous folk have started an Instagram Live.

Singer John Mayer and comedian Cazzie David recently went live on IG together where they discussed everything from COVID-19 to quarantine nudes.

“Nudes are all we have right now,” David said on the vid.

Celebrity Insta stalker page @commentsbycelebs noticed that another celebrity chimed in on the spicy chat – none other than cowboy hat-wielding Diplo.

The muso took to the comments section to reveal that he recently broke up with himself and so he’s been spending quarantine having make-up sex, which I can only assume (read: hope) means he’s been masturbating like a fiend.

“I’ve broken up with myself and had make-up sex everyday for the past two weeks,” he wrote.

Me right now: