FYI: There’s A New $750 A Week Relief Payment For People Who Can’t Work Because Of COVID-19

Aussies who are unable to work because of COVID-19 self-isolation or quarantine will now be able to apply for a $750 weekly support payment from Centrelink.

The scheme is called the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment and is available for anyone who has to quarantine or self-isolate because they have COVID-19, are a close contact of a COVID-19 case or – under certain circumstances – if they’re the carer of someone who has to isolate.

You have to have been directed to quarantine by your state health authority, or an employee from a state or regional health department, to receive the payment.

Importantly, the support payment for carers only applies to those who are caring for a child 16 or under. According to, if you are a carer for someone who has a medical condition or a disability who has to quarantine or self-isolate, you’ll only get the pay if you live in the same household as them.

Predictably, there are also a couple of restrictions around the pay. As a general rule, each of the states has virtually identical restrictions.

The guidelines say that you can’t get the pay if during your isolation you’ve received:

  • income, earnings or a salary from paid work
  • any income support parents (like Parental Leave Pay, ABSTUDY Living Allowance, or Dad and Partner Pay)
  • a state hardship or isolation payment
  • the federal COVID-19 Disaster Payment

There are also a set of restrictions around who can apply. Applicants must be 17 or older and an Aussie citizen, or hold a visa that gives the right to work in Australia.

You also can’t go to work and earn an income. The leave doesn’t apply if you have any “appropriate leave entitlements” including personal leave, leave to care for another person or pandemic sick leave. Plus, your quarantine period has to have been after September 17 2020

The pay is also a little bit different depending on what dates you were in isolation or caring for someone. If it was before or on December 8 2021, eligible people can get $1,500 for each 14 day period without payment.

If the isolation period happened on or after December 9, you can apply for $750 for every seven day period you spend either caring for someone or in isolation yourself.

You’ll need to make a new claim for every seven day period, and the pay isn’t automatic. That means if you’re told to quarantine, you’ll need to launch your own claim with Centrelink to score the support payment.

Luckily, there’s an online form. According to Centrelink, the easiest way to lodge a claim is to do it over the phone by calling 180 22 66.

The payment is also a taxable income, which means you’ll need to include it on your Tax Return.

Still, it’s v good news for anyone who will lose out on pay if they have to go into self-isolation: go forth and get that relief money!!