I’ve Transformed My Home Into A Self-Isolation Zen Zone Using Crystals

It looks like we’re gonna be confined to our homes for quite some time, but instead of bitching and moaning, how about turning your space into a peaceful haven that you’d never wanna leave anyway?

Whether you’re (crystal) balls deep in crystals and believe they give off powerful energy, or ya just like the look of the pretty gems, here are a bunch of crystals that you should place around your home.

If you don’t have any of the below stones on hand, jump online and buy some!

You’ll be helping out local crystal-selling businesses and prettying up your space without putting yourself or anyone else in danger.


My personal favourite crystal, not just for its dazzling purple colour, but for its cleaning and protective properties.

Place amethysts in the corner of your room to serve as spiritual vacuum cleaners, sucking up all that bad energy (just make sure you cleanse and recharge them periodically to disperse the negativity).

If you find that the shitty times are impacting your sleep, place an amethyst in your room to guard against nightmares and insomnia.

Clear quartz

Another stationary cleanser that absorbs bad energy and negativity and removes it from the premises.

Clear quartz is believed to contain pure life force – you literally cannot have too many of these bad bois. Scatter them around your pad for ongoing healing energy and for an extra boost to keep ya going while working from home.

Also keep quartz and amethyst in the kitchen to empower and purify the food and drink that you consume.

Rose quartz

Are tensions running high between you and your boo, parents, siblings, roommates, one-night stand or whoever else you’re in self-iso with?

Rose quartz crystals are renowned as the love stone, but not just for romantic relationships.

Its energy creates a peaceful aura that can strengthen the bond between you and your quarantine pals and create a harmonious place to live in.

Black tourmaline

It’s not just cleansing vibes we need right now, we also need protection, and no crystal is more protective than those dark stones.

If you want to spiritually batten down the hatches and protect your space from outside forces, place black tourmaline by your doorway and around the perimeter of your home.

Black tourmaline emits a sort of force field of energy that blocks and eliminates negativity from entering.

Also have one closeby when you’re working from home as they help you focus and nail your projects without being distracted.


Angel-summoning selenite brings light and vibrancy to any space.

Place them strategically throughout your home to uplift the energy and to create a calming and angelic atmosphere.

Selenite crystals also have the ability to quickly unblock any stagnant or stale energy, removing any negativity from your home.

In addition to crystals, there are other spiritual tools that can add positive vibes to your zen zone, such as palo santo, blessed candles, incense and sage (head here for the lowdown on sage and how to use it).

Matty Galea is the Entertainment Editor of PEDESTRIAN.TV. He brings you spicy yarns on everything from Hollywood stars to literal stars and sometimes both at once (last year he accurately predicted the Bachie winner solely using astrology). He ‘grams and tweets at @mattygalea_.