The ‘Die Hard’ Trailer Has Been Recut As An Xmas Romp So That Settles That

It’s a question as old as time itself: Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? If a movie is set at Christmastime but has no real other connection to the holiday does that still qualify it as a proper Christmas movie? Is Bruce Willis actually Santa?

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For centuries the Die Hard debate has raged, with some swearing black and blue that the movie is a Christmas standard, and others simply not giving a shit at all about the whole thing.

Faced with this clearly irresolvable impasse, 20th Century Fox has decided to weigh in and rule once and for all that Die Hard is, in fact, a Christmas movie. It’s a yuletide special. A festive fiesta. A holiday special. And they’ve done this by recutting a trailer for the classic 1988 action movie as a fun seasonal romp. Legit.

The recut trailer, released earlier today, puts John McClane‘s anti-terrorist crusade in the Nakatomi Plaza building under the wrapper of light, fun Christmas music, making it seem less like an action blockbuster and more like a natural sequel to Trading Places.

Is Alan Rickman still in it? Hell yes. Does McClane still kick significant ass throughout? Absolutely. Is the incredibly underrated “Hans! Bubby!” line in there? You bet your festive ass.

So there you go: Debate settled. That’s it. No more bickering about it. Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Just like Home Alone and Jingle All The Way. It’s a Christmas movie, end of discussion.

Now onto the far more pressing seasonal question: Are Santa’s elves unionised? And, if so, did Santa shift his base of operations to the North Pole because there’s no industrial relations legislation there meaning he can legally pay them next-to-nothing?

Food for thought, folks.