David Harbour Will Play A Furious Santa In A New Xmas Film & I Want To Be His Ho Ho Ho

violent night trailer david harbour

Another type of festive film is landing this holiday season. A full action-comedy that has David Harbour as a Santa so full of rage that it feels like it exists in the Die Hard universe. The new flick is called Violent Night and the trailer looks absolutely bonkers.

The trailer is balls to the wall with outrageous fight scenes — which makes sense because it comes from the same production company that gave us John WickDeadpool 2 and the Hobbes & Shaw film from the Fast & The Furious franchise. We’ve all seen Bad Santa but this is definitely more “Badass Santa who should not be fucked with”.

It also stars John Leguizamo (John Wick, Chef) as Santa’s main enemy which is a surefire way to sucker me into the cinema to watch it at least once. Hell, this is hot on my annual viewing list alongside Die HardHome Alone and the mid-’90s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christmas special.

I don’t want to give too much away because you really gotta experience the chaos of Violent Night‘s trailer for yourself. But there’s something truly wild about watching Harbour decked out in full Saint Nick regalia necking beers and stabbing baddies with a sharpened candy cane. Simply incredible stuff (and confirms my theories that those minty festive lollies can double as weapons).

There’s no doubt that we’re deeply oversaturated with the heartachingly sugary holiday romcoms. So knowing there’s a no-thoughts-all-shooty-bang-bang holiday film coming this year scratches a very specific itch I never knew I had.

It answers questions like: “what if John Wick was Santa?”, “Could the big man exist in Dominic Torettos’ extended famiglia?” and “why does David Harbour as St Nick make me unbelievably horny?”

Violent Night is slated to blaze into cinemas on December 1 and you can bet I’m gonna get myself on this Santa’s list tout suite.