Bruce Willis Says ‘Die Hard’ Isn’t A Christmas Movie, Ruining Your Favourite Joke

One of the most overdone jokes you can possibly do in the year 2018 is say that classic action film Die Hard is your favourite Christmas movie. It’s basically the chicken crossing the road of movie jokes now. Oh, Die Hard – the movie tangentially related to Christmas, but featuring a number of guys getting shot a bunch – is your favourite Christmas movie? Do go on.

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Well, it seems that the very notion of Die Hard being a Christmas movie is being shot down from the source: Bruce Willis himself. The Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis was filmed on Saturday night, and though it won’t be aired for a month, The Hollywood Reporter was there and have been dishing some of the juicier hot takes on everyone’s favourite bald dad with a gun.

According to THR, Willis closed out his portion of the roast by emphatically declaring “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!” 

Look, you can take this one of several ways. Either you can accept that Bruce Willis is the ultimate authority on Die Hard and that his word on this matter is bond. Or you can treat him like the wayward inventor of the GIF, who insists that it is pronounced ‘jif’ even though it clearly is not. God I’m still so very angry about that.

What else went down at the roast? Well, Dennis Rodman made a joke about Kim Jong-Un which was apparently enthusiastically booed by the audience, and Willis’ ex-wife Demi Moore appeared to deliver a roast which THR described as “a mixture of sweet and brutal.”

But it’s the bold Die Hard proclamation which will no doubt reverberate throughout history. If you’re keen to see it all play out – despite the fact that televised roasts are generally not that funny, sorry ’bout it – it hits Comedy Central on July 29th.