Deuxmoi Already Has Tea About Joshua Jackson & Jodie Turner-Smith’s Split

It’s been less than a day since the news broke that Dawson’s Creek star Joshua Jackson and Sex Education actor Jodie Turner-Smith have filed for divorce and Deuxmoi has already found some tea.

The gossip Instagram page received a submission from a source that appeared to know more than the “irreconcilable differences” listed on the court filings.

“This very attractive B-list acting couple have been estranged for a couple of months now,” the submission began.

“They recently stopped following each other on Instagram. Ironically, the public distance comes amidst a PR campaign they are doing for a big brand showcasing their togetherness.”

“Note that wife’s BFF has also unfollowed husband, and vice versa,” the source concluded.

(Image Source: Deuxmoi)

Interestingly, TMZ reported that the date Jodie filed for divorce was September 13, around the time she posted an IG post about what love means to her.

“As I embark on another new year, I can’t help but meditate on love and its many manifestations….,” she began.

“Love is not some lofty unattainable thing. Love is a gesture, a look, an intention. Love is community. Love is showing up.”

Jodie then thanked everyone who showed up for her on her birthday.

“I don’t take any of this for granted, and most of all, I don’t take any of you for granted,” she concluded.

The split comes as a shock to many because these two have always seemed incredibly loved up. In fact, when rumours of their separation emerged last year, Joshua shut them down by giving an absolutely gushing interview about Jodie to E! News.

“She is undeniably one of the most beautiful women on the planet,” he said.

“And she always smashes it when she’s on the red carpet. That is truly a wonder to behold. But I will tell you, that there is nothing like waking up in the morning, opening my eyes and seeing her face in the morning.”

If my partner is reading this, please take notes. This is how I’d like you to talk about me.

Anyway, even the day before reports of Joshua and Jodie’s divorce hit the media, they were pictured holding hands at a New York Fashion Week event. Hopefully, this is a sign that their split is amicable.

The couple are parents to their three-year-old daughter, Juno. Joshua and Jodie have yet to comment on the split publicly but we’ll keep you posted if any more news drops.