Delta, Doll, Why The Fuck Did You Agree To Go On Sky News With Alan Jones?

Welp, Delta Goodrem has stepped in dog shit. And by stepped, I mean made an appearance, and by dog shit, I mean Sky News.

Releasing a track called ‘Paralysed’ has seemingly paralysed her decent morals and common sense as she agreed to appear on the same network that gives a platform to Neo-Nazi Blair Cottrell, the clownery of Pauline Hanson and croc kisser Bob Katter.

But it gets worse. The singer appeared on the same segment as, wait for it, Alan Jones. Yep, Alan Jones, the bloke who just last year said Prime Minister Scott Morrison should “shove a sock down [the] throat” of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Naturally, her appearance was met with widespread backlash from her disappointed fans who were shocked that she’d agree to such a heinous TV slot for promo.

HAVE you no shame, Delta?