Duelling Shitheads Cory Bernardi & Pauline Hanson Had A Blow-Up On Sky News

You would be hard-pressed to pick the biggest shithead in Australian politics when there are just so many different varieties of shithead. Do you choose the shithead with the worst opinions, or the shitheads with slightly less bad opinions who have done more damage, due to being in positions of greater power? The shithead rankings would be far too difficult to nail down in the space of a single article. What’s for certain, though, is that Pauline Hanson and Cory Bernardi are definitely near the top of the pile.

[jwplayer CwUqv6Y6]

Bernardi is a homophobic, xenophobic climate change denier who used the Liberal Party to get re-elected then jumped ship to form his own slightly more conservative party. Hanson is, well, just the fucking worst, and has been for an unbelievably long time. These are two faces I am never happy to see. Hanson is only ever in the media when some soft interview is helping her do PR, and Bernardi used to only ever go on TV to be the very worst person on any given panel — right up until everyone stopped paying attention to him because Fraser Anning turned out to be even more of a shithead than he is.

Only one kind of media appearance from the two of these people can make me happy: When they are fighting with each other. If you need a little pick-me-up, please enjoy Hanson tearing into Cory Bernardi for being insignificant and not a real threat in politics (true):

And, as a companion piece, Bernardi tearing into Hanson for being hideously incompetent, constantly playing the victim, and hypocritical in regards to the party’s stance on public funding (also true):

I’ll let Ken Watanabe take this one:

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