Cory Bernardi Reckons The Govt Can Fix The Polls By Being More Like Pauline

Cory Bernardi, the Liberal Party‘s favourite fringe wacko, has long stood with North Queensland LNP maverick George Christensen as someone within the Coalition who reckons Pauline Hanson has some great ideas rattling around in her head.

Now he’s telling the Coalition they should nut up and start adopting some One Nation policies. After a painful Newspoll yesterday that pegged the government’s two-party-preferred support at 48 to Labor‘s 52, Bernardi is ready for his party to start directly appealing to One Nation voters, as he told Andrew Bolt.

“What I noticed today was the drop in the Liberal poll, there was about a commensurate lift in the ‘others’ poll. So it hadn’t gone to Labor, it has gone to others,” he said
“And I suspect that is One Nation and others who are saying the things that I think the Liberal Party should be saying, with a bit more nuance and maybe a little bit more delicacy.”

‘A little bit more nuance and delicacy’ is obviously a more nuanced and delicate way of saying ‘less outwardly deranged and racist’. It’s not like this is new territory for Bernardi, but it’s still quite concerning: as the Coalition slips further in the polls, it’s not totally unforeseeable that they’d see a rich vein of votes in adopting more of One Nation’s policy.
Source: The Bolt Report.
Photo: ABC.