The Hyped Dear Evan Hansen Trailer Finally Dropped & People Are Not Happy With Ben Platt’s Lewk

The much hyped Dear Evan Hansen trailer has finally dropped, and it looks AMAZING. But despite this being one of the most anticipated musical adaptations since Hamilton, all I can think about is why Ben Platt is out here looking like Will Ferrell in Step Brothers.

Now I know that’s harsh because this is a man reprising his absolutely ICONIC, Tony-winning role as the lead from the Broadway hit musical, but come on – are you telling me the curls were necessary?

Look, at least James Corden isn’t playing Evan Hansen – so maybe some things ARE sacred. You can catch the Dear Evan Hansen trailer below.

For those of you who haven’t really heard of Dear Evan Hansen before, it’s a Broadway musical as well as a book about an anxious teenage boy who lies about knowing a classmate who dies. The lie ends up evolving and growing out of his control, and it forces him to reckon with who he really is.

It’s got a HUGE following, has won multiple Tony Awards and is super popular amongst the LGBTQI+ community given it’s themes of grieving, having to accept who you are, and struggling with your identity. Like, it got a shout out on RuPaul’s Drag Race. 

The film version of Dear Evan Hansen is going to be a musical just like its Broadway counterpart, though it looks a lot darker since we can’t see much of the show’s much beloved humour in the trailer. Unless you count Ben Platt’s hair, which is defo a joke.

Twitter isn’t having a bar of it either, with everyone wondering why the Dear Evan Hansen star had to reprise his role with such a ~mature~ look.

Probably the funniest thing about the new trailer drop is how many people are confused that it is in fact, not the quirky coming of age story of a gay teenager, but actually a narrative about a kid who just constantly fucking lies. Oops.

But mostly all I can think about is this tweet reminding the world that RuPaul thought Evan Hansen’s name was Dear.

Dear Evan Hansen is set to hit in the cinemas in September 24 this year – but in the meantime, you can binge the playlist online.