Deadpool’s Tim Miller Is Making A Sonic The Hedgehog Movie & Nah We’re Good

Nary a day goes by where we aren’t putting together a news article surrounding some relic of the glorious 1990s and its return to contemporary pop culture in some form. Next up? Sonic the bloody Hedgehog.

In the last week we’ve seen Hocus Pocus, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Party of Five all announced as the next fodder for nostalgia hungry entertainment producers and today we’ve got the news that Deadpool director Tim Miller is bringing the star of the only good SEGA game ever (fight me), to cinematic life.

The Hollywood Reporter copped the exclusive, announcing that Paramount Pictures have won the rights to the long-running video game and cartoon franchise, with Miller to executive produce a team which also includes producer Neal H. Moritz (21 Jump Street, I Am Legend) and relative newcomer director Jeff Fowler.

First appearing on the SEGA Genesis video game console in 1991, the gold-ring obsessed, super-fast blue rat looking dude has appeared in a butt tonne of games and animated TV series since, with the planned “blend of live action and CGI animation” the second attempt at getting him to the big screen after a failed 2014 go at it.

Sonic has also been co-opted by some of the more unsavoury elements of this here interweb and often features in some, best left-alone, furry fan art.

no thank you please

Looking at the history of both a) video game to movie adaptations and b) 90s reboots, we don’t have the highest of hopes that this will be anything other than a shitshow.

But with the man behind the inarguably stellar Deadpool flick behind it, who knows?